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I propose to me to post articels, saving how much german i learn in the time. For example each 4 months, in this days i am in the first one.

The purpose is to build a my own fast system in learning language, until get a conversational fluency. Even for be more independent if it is an abroad trip about, or to meet new people.

As a result of my English preparation, i figure out an idea of the main concepts that help me. Surely there’s many experience and knowledges i lack, in terms of learning process, how the brain works and so on.

First plan — an overview

Certainly, i had in my mind the idea to use the same methods i executed in my English adquisiton. …

I wondering a long time about why in my country don’t exist great production being as we have amazing graphics artist

Something that i dreamt to do someday is to create my own animation show. I frecuently imaging characters interacting between them, facing hard issues and evading obstacles. That’s why my childhood was influenced by great masterpieces such as TheSimpsons, DragonBallZ, Spiderman (1994) later its films and PowerRangers (which isn’t an animation) among others else. I remember once time i drawn a mini-comic based on Spiderman punching people. One thing that i usually did is drawing all i watched.

Looking for some to watch in YouTube, i find promotions and trailers of a variety animated latin ficctions. For example:

Boogie —…

A good practice is to find something entertaining, concerned in the topic you want to acquire

In all learning process, a better aproach allow us a better internalization of the subject. The more profitable involve the creation of techniques, tricks and methods. Despite this, i am going to share what work, maybe we’ll match in some things. By clarify i am centered in the self-taught, i mean not in traditional classrooms. I think you’ll acquire the subject personaly, setting up your limitis and prioritizing preferences and tastes.

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First of all, it is really important be concious about…

All languages has its own style and comprehend’em separately it’s the key for manage’em

Photo from Unsplash

In this article, i’m not gonna specify particular methodologies to memorize vocabulary, improve pronunciation and all those technical tricks. This is more like an structure i usually follow in several languages and followed at French learning, in this case.

In my short experience learning French i realized there’s differents things, that i consider important to share whit y’all who wanna learn this. Those things, i mentioned before, are called “shortcuts” whose use brings us an effectively process. I gotta split’em or categorize’em in groups as follows:

  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Improvement

At first, just clearify that be within any…

It is a point of view about how i see Termux and how it show me the efficient it would be

TERMUX TUTORIAL Android Developers Google Developers

I never thought about the idea to have a terminal in android, even least how useful it can be. For the limited arquitecture how ARM is, i didn’t considered the posibility to manage an entire project just from my smartphone. Yes, even store it on GITHUB. But it is one of the characteristics that Linux afford at developers.

Foto by:

Personally it was useful for study the linux prompt, being as i…

The effective input affect inevitable on our output

I know there are a lot of people spending time watching series or tv shows, even both. That is a great way of get away of yours problems and leave the corrosive thoughts and reality. I know it cause i do too. Yes, i’m very depresive sometimes but it get up my imagination.

I suggest you to turn the situations at something more productive/positive, i think it’ll worth.

We all currently waste time, commonly we dont pick up but there’s an important process going at second frame, the learning. …

Nahuel Molina | Silvio

Here i've the chances to share and enhance my points of view. I am a programmer therefor imma focus in writing to complement my knowledges.

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