How to get involved in French language

All languages has its own style and comprehend’em separately it’s the key for manage’em

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In this article, i’m not gonna specify particular methodologies to memorize vocabulary, improve pronunciation and all those technical tricks. This is more like an structure i usually follow in several languages and followed at French learning, in this case.

In my short experience learning French i realized there’s differents things, that i consider important to share whit y’all who wanna learn this. Those things, i mentioned before, are called “shortcuts” whose use brings us an effectively process. I gotta split’em or categorize’em in groups as follows:

  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Improvement

At first, just clearify that be within any of these stages dont tell you your level on the language, but it say some of the resource you have.

Firstly i searched several media resources, finding singers, actors, bands, films, famous fictional characters, anything. I was surprised for the material i found.

  • Singers like Lara Fabian, Celine Dion or Garou
  • Filmes: Intouchables (Omar Sy & François Cluzet)
  • Athletes
    Alain Prost (interviews or his biography). Zinedine Zidane. Karim Benzema.
  • Actors
    Marion Cotillard (subtitled interviews). Eva Green (interviews too). Omar Sy and François Cluzet (be creative).
  • Interprises
    Renault (documentaries about its origins or how it produces)

Some of my favourite songs as examples are:

I realized a lot of songs in Frenchs were covered and commercialized into spanish language in my country (Argentina). Many artist, who’s works i already know, are underrated in relation with their jobs.

In the other the hand, there is YouTubers. If something turned me happy… is to know that out there are creators who spend time, and dedications building great content, letting its talents in its projects. I am going to put some channels here:

  • JeanBaptisteShow. This channel has amazing editing videos, it can be negative for learners cause you gonna be distracted for the mesmerizing scenes and colours implemented.
  • SEB — (channel on Youtube ). This guy build beautiful videos from the beginning to the end. Biographies, anecdotes and cases about famous stars.

All this period your’re practicing listening and reading about skills. I mean, the input stage. When you become very dynamic at it adquiring fluency, i advice you to add writing gradually with differents apps or web platforms like:

  • Twitter: if you wanna be in contact with the today’s words this is the correct place. I don’t promise that you’ll expose at innovative content or creative people but it is a great chance to be close with the french community.
  • Reddit: this is, in my opinion, a better platform than twitter to express your ideas. Having the posibilities of write large texts and anonym identities, Reddit allow the transparent clmunications & colaborative communities.
  • Medium: this is more challenging, requiring a intermediate writing skills, it’s not enough know the basics. For this, it’s necessary masterize what you manage in the lang, even if it isn’t so much. You can build amazing things without a numerous vocabulary, just launch. And when you feel, you have not what you think it’s needed, relax, rest and come later.

Tons of people recomend me to read books in the past, even in spanish. I never find it useful, at it you’re gonna be integrating “zombies" words wihtout a role in your functional live. And for me, and a heard of someone else…

if a knowledge isn’t being used it become in a distraction.

French is very different for a spanish speaker to learn than English. I notice that the process wasn’t as effective as was in Deutsch or English. Then i decided to add more, more and more reading time, specificly Harry Potter. Being as you are watching away what Franch speakers do, it’s time to divo head first into that world more deeply, in terms of culture. There are Candada, Belgica some countries in Africa & French of course. Each one of these has accents, style lives are such very interessting than i ensure you’ll never get boring.

What i recomend you optionaly to empathize with a country is researching about history and keep youself up to speed of the current social and political issues. Some resources are online radios:

  • RTL — (channel on Youtube ). They even record acoustic sessions, inviting variety of artist, Natasha St Pier for ex.
  • Even sport activities like “Tour du France"

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All what i did worked, i reach a basic but also useful level in this language. Nowadays i don’t practice French as i did once, i dedicate more at Deutsch. But what i learned was sufficient to know that i can do again, with so much dedication in terms of patience and great ambitions in terms of yours purposes.

Here i've the chances to share and enhance my points of view. I am a programmer therefor imma focus in writing to complement my knowledges.

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