Why Argentina don’t produce its own animation series/films

I wondering a long time about why in my country don’t exist great production being as we have amazing graphics artist

Something that i dreamt to do someday is to create my own animation show. I frecuently imaging characters interacting between them, facing hard issues and evading obstacles. That’s why my childhood was influenced by great masterpieces such as TheSimpsons, DragonBallZ, Spiderman (1994) later its films and PowerRangers (which isn’t an animation) among others else. I remember once time i drawn a mini-comic based on Spiderman punching people. One thing that i usually did is drawing all i watched.

Looking for some to watch in YouTube, i find promotions and trailers of a variety animated latin ficctions. For example:

Boogie — el aceitoso:

Captured from YouTube

Vampiros en la habana

Captured from Youtube

And something from Argentina:


Captured from YouTube

It woke up my curiosity then i investigated about this theme.

A little observation

It led us to think about the rythm grows in the rest of the world in terms of animation industry. In the 90s in Japan, the artist had a great influence in his jobs. The marketing area was bubbling with a result, the influence produced for the ficctions.

Evangelion showed how to do this more dynamicly. But also the author kept some control in the final project.

The market started to prioritize its secondary products as much as the main show or even more. Gradually and as always, the money has gained strength relevance, putting the artist’s role in a second plane.

Each country has its own market that grow, reaching an international level, contribuiting at the globalization of cultures and affecting the economy’s evolution at its own way in differents rythms.

Argentina started to produce its own works too late when the world just wanted to get sintetic products. Japan take care of it its time and today the country are in other level of competition. United States has already created emplematic franchise like superman, spiderman among others while Goku and Sailor Moon extend its target groups.

Argentina’s professionals and interprises just distribute abroad, in Latino America don’t exist a target market. Few works are carried out as an attempt of do not disappear the local industry.

It progresively forced at our little industry to adapt several and improvised methodlogies to the market requirements. Losing the focus on the art. We tried to create similar entities pretending it will be as success as it was in other country in other time. When the real power comes from the final consumer who choose between several genres.

But why exacly

It have others external aspects related with the state’s economies in many latin countries. What is imported or exported? Are we ready to include a new source of incomes?

As a poor country Argentina is stuck in technologies focused on enternaiment areas, what require a budget.

The today’s audience based its standards in the level of producers like DreamWorks, Disney, Toei Animations, etc.

As you can see, it turning on a Infinity cycle.

Without budget supporting us, we can’t work to produce once budget.

In addition, States Unites or Japan have reduced its content to the more basic entertaining object. The lastest years they touching on themes of adult genres, predictable plots, blody scenes in vampires show. We want to be they when themselves have a limited content to afford. This is crucial and disapointed if you thougth they have the reins of the world.


I think we can achieve that our local productions to be a truly success but it depends in multiple factors beside the market. Create something is always challenging, probably at the beginning one would be alone.

The greats entities are not creating such ingenious things but they still have the crown in its business.

All the failures before intimidated and taught us how do not face stuff with that high scale. The singularity mark the differences, the itself lead us to be the first in own game.

I am a programmer, reader and an English learner. I write about it